Thursday, May 31, 2012

Xyngular, MS and flickr of hope

Hello blog world! As the title of my first post "Xyngular, MS, and a flickr of hope" suggests, I want to tell you about my story of living with Multiple Sclerosis and how Xyngular products have brought hope to my life.
My story begins with the birth of my beautiful daughter five years ago. As my prenancy came to an end, I began noticing right leg weakness along with all other aches and pains that go along with a regular pregnancy. As the symptoms did not subside within six moths, I went to see a neurologist and was told that the weakness was probably due to minor nerve damage during pregnancy and delivery. I did not think much of it until the weakness progressed and I came to a point where I was not able to run and walk more than few hundred feet. I consulted with two additional neurologists and they were not in no rush to give me a diagnosis as I had no other symptoms. I did have few lesions in my brain but as the doctors said "they are just too insignificant to cause such great impact." As it turns out, doctors did not see the lesions on my spinal cord that the radiologist failed to point out. My current neurologist who is a MS Specialist saw right through my MRI images and told me that what I have is Primary Progressive MS (April 2011). Believe it or not, I was relieved to have a diagnosis at last.
I've been always a positive thinker and I believe in the law of attraction that Secret talks about. Oprah viewers, you know that I'm talking about. This is the subject to a total new post so I'll go on. I always have felt blessed in my life and I always knew inside that the universal power, God, or whatever supreme being out there would provide me with a remedy or the will to cope with what I have been dealt. I had my second daughter in Oct 2011 after a much difficult pregnancy, but she is perfect and was totally worth every difficulty I went through.
I was introduced to Xyngular by a friend who was trying to lose weight. I always weighed about 110 and never worried about my looks much. I gained 55 pounds with my first pregnancy and lost all the weight within few months. I did not give much thought to losing weight but I did witness my husband struggle with his for many years. As I went on a high dose of steroids for a period of a month, them pills did a number on my weight. I put on 20 more pounds in addition to the pregnancy weight that I was already carrying. After steroids, I was able to lose about 10 pounds on my own but then hit a plateau. No matter what I did, I was stuck on 135. This is not much to complain compared to my husband who found himself at 272 pounds after the holiday season. At least, that's what he blames it on. What came next was a game changer for us.
We began on Xyngular on April 5th. I wanted to lose about 15 pounds and my husband wanted to lose about 60. After almost two months on Xyngular, I am proud to say that he is down 30 pounds. And for my share of success, I have shed all the Prednisone weight. So what does this all have to do with my MS? I am thankful to be the weight that I need to be but more importantly, I've got ENERGY. For those of you who know what MS fatigue feels like, I've been there. Since taking these products, I am able to get off work, cook dinner, do laundry and dishes, give two kids a bath and still have time to hang out with my husband. He on the other hand gets up at six every morning for a three mile jog in addition to the three miles that he already walks at night. I would say that I am doing pretty good with two kids (5 yrs and 7 mos), a husband, a full time job and a house to take care of. First time in months, I was able to walk to our detached garage without a cane. I am not totally giving credit to Xyngular for that yet but I know for sure that I owe my energy level to Xyngular. More stories to come on this journey but check out our before and after pics.

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